6 Questions to Consider When Selecting Your 401(k) Team 

June 10, 2024

Whether you’re an advisor who’s new to the 401(k) space, or you’ve been offering them for years, one thing is certain:  knowing the complexities of a retirement plan shouldn’t be your primary focus, providing financial advice should. However, that doesn’t mean your client isn’t looking to you to be the expert of their employees’ retirement plan.

While many advisors understand the basics of 401(k)plans, most don’t have the capacity or resources to fully delve into the nitty gritty of 401(k) plan design or the myriad of ERISA and DOL rules and regulations that must be followed.  This is where partnering with the right 401(k) professionals can set you apart.  

Surrounding yourself with a team of experts will arm you with the knowledge, confidence and resources you need to help your client offer an efficient and effective plan.  

Here are six critical questions to consider when choosing a 401(k) partner:  

  1. Do they have time to take your calls and answer your questions?  
  2. Do they try to sell you a product, or help you find a solution?  
  3. Do they have the resources to help you and your client navigate concerns and questions about the plan? 
  4. Are they willing to bring expert consultants into the conversation?  
  5. Is their goal to make you shine or to just make a sale? 
  6. Are they willing to be flexible to meet a client’s unique needs?  

Your 401(k) team should be there to make you look like a hero to your client, not leave you in the dark with unanswered questions and unresolved problems. At American Trust Retirement, we collaborate with advisors to provide the right solution for their clients, resulting in a stronger relationship between you and your client.


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