Breakout Sessions

The ABCs of Retirement Plan Prospecting

Learn from our experts about the:
• Advantages of becoming a 401(k) advisor
• Best sources for 401(k) leads
• Benefits of American Trust
• Questions you should be asking

The Importance of an Executive Analysis

Our experts provide a walk-through on an executive analysis, including:
• What’s needed to complete an analysis
• Side-by-side analysis scenarios for plan design, investments, and fees

Understanding the Basics of Plan Design

Our experts will help you understand the important factors that influence plan design:
• Highly compensated employees
• Average benefit testing
• Safe Harbor design
• Advanced plan designs

The Power of Fiduciary Oversight

See the importance of being a fiduciary and how it affects you and your clients. You will learn:
• Who is a fiduciary
• Responsibilities of a fiduciary
• Ways to minimize risk
• How American Trust alleviates risk


A Customized Investing Approach to Retirement
• Find out how ATArchitect can work for your clients
• Learn more about the concepts
• See why it’s the most innovative approach to investing


A proprietary process that guides participants and plan sponsors to financial success.
 Learn what it is and how it works
 Take a look at a sample ATBlueprint
 Understand how the plan level ATBlueprint is used

A Better Option For Your SIMPLE Plan

Our experts will show you:
• What a SIMPLE plan is and how it works
• Advantages and disadvantages
• Benefits of converting to a 401(k)