Ep 3: How Retirement Advisors can ACTUALLY make an impact
July 9, 2020

The third episode of the Retirement Advisor Podcast from American Trust Retirement — hosted by Micah DiSalvo, Chief Revenue Officer of American Trust Retirement — is now available.  Jon Anderson of Cetera Financial Group, Jonathan Dues of Fisher Investments and Brett Shofner of Work Plan Retire join the podcast this month for a great conversation that delves into many of the key areas impacting everyone in the retirement industry. 

We of course can’t ignore the on-going impact of COVID-19 on our lives. Our guests this month offer some unique ways they are reaching out and staying in front of clients and prospects these days and also how they are approaching business in general — both the successes and challenges they are seeing, and the strategies and tactics advisors might want to avoid in today’s environment.

Another hot topic in the industry are models and the use of target-date funds, and this became a spirited conversation on the podcast. These funds are widely popular, but our guests share some concerns over how they are being used and maybe how they might not be delivering the best outcomes for participants.

Our Guests this month on Episode 3 of the Retirement Advisor Podcast:

Jon Anderson
Head of Retirement Plan Solutions 
Cetera Financial Group

Jonathon Dues
National Defined Contribution Advisor Sales
Fisher Investments™ Institutional Group

Brett Shofner
Work Plan Retire