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    The ATArchitect is a sustainable retirement strategy that automatically and systematically understands your investment needs, tracks your account’s progress, and adjusts your allocations between five ATDynamic allocation funds.

    ATArchitect is only available with the ATDynamic allocation funds managed by American Trust. If you have any questions, contact us at 800.548.2994.

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    • • ATArchitect is an optional service and I will be charged for this service (please refer to your annual fee disclosure or contact us for more information)
    • • American Trust, through the operation of its proprietary ATArchitect service, may change investment elections and transfer my balance between funds at any time
    • • My entire account balance and future investment elections are subject to the strategies of the ATArchitect service
    • • The ATArchitect program relies partly on the ATBlueprint®, which does not consider my unique personal characteristics or financial information, unless this information is provided to American Trust. Note: the ATBlueprint® component of ATArchitect will not apply to new enrollees until sufficient data is available or to terminated participants
    • • Actions by the ATArchitect program rely on the accuracy of the information provided to American Trust. Inaccurate information could materially impact quality of investment returns and/or delay investment election changes
    • • Neither American Trust nor ATArchitect will protect from the loss of principal in this account. This account is not FDIC insured
    • • Neither American Trust nor ATArchitect can guarantee that my needs will be met at my retirement
    • • Termination of this service does not reverse actions taken in the past by ATArchitect
    • • Changes in future investment elections and transfers of existing balances on the participant website will not terminate this service. To terminate ATArchitect, I must do so in writing to: American Trust at 895 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001
    • • I have read and understand the additional disclosures relating to the ATArchitect service and my account available at
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