ATBlueprint is a powerful process that aids participants in becoming ready for retirement. It draws their path to retirement by:

  • Defining their relationship between their current and future income needs
  • Projecting a beneficiary's monthly benefits
  • Estimating annual costs of long term-care insurance
  • Suggesting ways to increase the their retirement balance

Now you can customize your ATBlueprint! Add outside assets and modify your measurements, which include retirement age, Social Security age, retirement goal (income need), Social Security, spousal Social Security, and years in retirement. We’ve also added many improvements such as using monthly returns in our future progress projection, cost of living adjustments based on state, and more relevant ways for you to improve outcomes.

How to read your ATBlueprint


Plan Sponsor ATBlueprint®

The Plan Sponsor ATBlueprint is a tool plan sponsors use to illustrate at a plan level how prepared their employees are for retirement by outlining:

  • Overall plan health
  • Age segmented comparison
  • Detailed year-by-year comparison
  • Participant investment profiles

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